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Learn more about how bankruptcy works

Before you file for bankruptcy, you'll want to be well educated on how it actually works, and what it's for. Let the experienced team at Gawyn Mitchell guide you through every part of the process. From presenting you with your best options to standing by your side throughout the legal process, we'll make sure you debt is handled properly. Contact us today to get started.

There are a lot of myths surrounding bankruptcy, from ruining your credit to being far too expensive. Most of these beliefs are simply not true.


You can always count on Gawyn Mitchell to use the facts to disprove these myths and focus on the positive impact bankruptcy can have on your financial situation.

Don't be fooled by common bankruptcy myths

  • Reviewing your financial situation to determine if bankruptcy is the right option.

  • Undergoing the required credit counseling program.

  • Completing the means test.

  • Deciding which bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, offers the most benefits for you.

  • Gathering all necessary financial documents, including tax info, bills, and pay stubs.

  • Completing the required paperwork needed to file for bankruptcy.

  • Determining a proper payment plan, if filing for Chapter 13.

  • Filing the paperwork with the courts.

  • Addressing any concerns throughout the process.

  • Ensuring you receive your discharge and all the benefits that accompany it.

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